Learning English as a Second Language in New York

English Language Courses with GEOS New York are among the best options for you to improve because our  English Course includes extra time to improve your speaking.

GEOS New York ESL School offers programs that will help you learn English conversation, prepare for an ESL test or improve your English for work or university. All the classes are taught by experienced Instructors, who are kind, but have high standards and will give you the right amount of push to succeed. English language programs with GEOS can be the first step to a degree or a great career. 

Improve your English with GEOS!

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GEOS New York English School is proud to be a part of the worldwide language education chain, Sprachcaffe. Whether you are looking for English Grammar Lessons, Spoken English Lessons or English for Beginners, we can help you.  

GEOS has English Lessons for Adults and English lessons for kids in North America, England and Malta. You can find English courses in the USA, English courses in Canada or French courses in Canada with GEOS. 

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Our parent company, Sprachcaffe has language courses for just about every language you need to learn - Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Arabic, Italian and more!

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