Standard English Plus Program

Our Standard English Plus Program provides students with insight into the language and how to apply effective methods of communication at an accelerated pace, with additional afternoon classes to compliment the material studied in the mornings.

Students will study two classes every morning, and then an additional class on two afternoons per week. This schedule still gives students the opportunity to enjoy the majority of their afternoons sightseeing and discovering the city and local culture.

Standard English Plus includes 22.5 lessons per week (18 hours). 



General English - Sample Timetable 24 Lessons

Level: Beginner and Higher

ClassTimeSkills Developing
Integrated Skills9:30-10:30

Mixed Skills: Grammar, Writing,

Listening, Speaking, Reading

Active Listening10:45-12:15

Extra Listening and Speaking Class

30% more practice!


Communication or Culture Workshop

30% more speaking practice!