IELTS Test Preparation

GEOS Languages Plus is a leader in language education in the North America.  We have helped thousands of students across North America to reach their goals in their university programs and their careers.  We want you to have the same success!

We GUARANTEE you will improve  .5 to 1 full band per 12 weeks!

  • Follow teachers' instructions
  • Come to 95% of your classes
  • Complete the homework assignments every day
  • Get the results you're aiming for!

This is a full-time program designed to help students prepare for the IELTS test. Importance is placed on both test taking strategies, as well as the four skills assessed in the official IELTS examination.

There are two IELTS programs: Introduction to IELTS is for intermediate level students, while IELTS Preparation is for advanced level students. In each program, students study 15 hours of IELTS preparation per week, and 7.5 hours of an elective class per week.

 *Minimum registration of 12 weeks of Intensive Studies required to qualify for IELTS Guarantee!

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