Standard Plus Program

Standard English Plus is being developed as we see more of a need for an 18 hour/week program. It will combine our already approved Standard English program (15 hours/week) with three hours/week of workshops.

The workshops will be divided into two, 1.5 hour/week classes; one will focus on effective, meaningful conversation, while the other will focus on US culture. Attendance will be taken each class, and students will be assessed at the end of each four-week session.

Standard English Plus Sample Timetable

 Time               Class                                  Skills Developed
9:00      Integrated Skills         Mixed Skill Development to build general language ability.
 10:45         Active Listening         This extra Listening and Speaking class is the GEOS Advantage.
1:00*  Conversation Workshop        Focus on conversation skills through pair and group work.
  1:00**     Culture Workshop        Students will learn about American culture,people, and events.

  * Tuesday

  ** Thursdays