1. Chat Away: Talk to as many people as you can! Don’t be shy; many people will be more than happy to have a conversation and help you with your skills. Check to see if there are conversation groups at your local library or community centre as well. The more you converse, the more you’ll learn! 

2. Acknowledge Your Weaknesses: Have no problem understanding someone else speaking but stumble when it comes to responding? Can you hold your own during a conversation but have difficulties when it comes to reading/writing? Spend extra time focusing on your trouble areas. The only way to get better at something is to put in some extra work! Summer is the perfect opportunity to make great strides before next school year starts. 

3. Have Fun: Boosting literacy skills doesn’t have to be a bore! Buy word search books, play language games with friends/family or online, or watch movies in English. Learning doesn’t always have to be about completing workbooks in the classroom! 

4. Set Goals: Write down and share with others what you want to accomplish/learn/improve upon, and set CAM goals (Clear, Measurable, and Achievable). Break your goals into smaller parts and set milestones. For example, rather than a vague goal of wanting to go from a C to an A in English class, set incremental goals that you can track and measure. And don’t forget to celebrate even the smallest successes! 

Ref: Oxford Learning Center, June 20, 2014.