GEOS can help you attend university free of tuition!

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With over 40 years of experience in providing Global education to international students, GEOS is pleased to be able offer students in North America access to the premier program of our parent company, Sprachcaffe - pathways to German Universities.  We are one of the largest German Language Education providers and we're now poised to help Americans and Canadians find debt-free education.

Hundreds of German Universities have programs free of tuition and programs taught fully in English -- including Graduate programs.  It's not just free for Germans, it's free for Americans, Canadians and all International students.  We have helped hundreds of students enter University in Germany - it's your turn.

We will:

  • consult with you
  • help you apply for a program you want
  • Sign you up for German Language School
  • Find you homestay or residence



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