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Levels & Learning Outcomes

Students are placed into one of six levels based on the results of their placement exams. Our levels correlate to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and each level typically takes 12 weeks to complete.  All of our English Courses and Programs adhere to this structure. It is our goal to offer a large number of options for all skill levels. 

Level:Learning Outcomes (Samples):
Level 1 (A0) BeginnerExpress wants, preferences, needs and likes/dislikes. Fill out simple forms. Describe people, objects, places, situations and events.
Level 2 (A1) ElementaryGive and respond to apologies, excuses and permissions. Express and respond to worry, disappointment and feelings. Request desired goods or services.
Level 3 (A2) Pre-IntermediateEngage in a general conversation and keep conversation going. Express and analyze opinions. Extract meaning/general ideas from written texts.
Level 4 (B1) IntermediateAsk for recommendations and provide solutions to problems. Express hope, regret, gratitude and sympathy. Understand personal, general or specialized prose.
Level 5 (B2) Pre-AdvancedObtain, organize and present information. Attract attention, express concern and seek advice. Understand purpose and meaning of complex forms, letters, etc.
Level 6 (C1) AdvancedGive and follow instructions on technical and non-technical tasks. Express indifference, approval, disapproval and intentions. Understand complex formal instructions in various settings.